MultiTrack DAW

Powerful audio recording and editing for iPhone and iPad

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32 Stereo Tracks

Record and mix up to 32 high-quality stereo tracks


Chains of 4 AUv3 AudioUnits per track. Also Built-In EQ, Compressor, Reverb, and Delay at your fingertips

Non-destructive Editing

Edit your audio non-linearly without affecting the original files

Easy Sharing

Export and share your projects in various formats


  • Up to 32 tracks, with stereo or mono Regions
  • Record up to 16 tracks at the same time, with any USB hardware supported by iOS
  • Looping with the Loop Markers
  • Loop recording - with continuous overwriting, then undo
  • Punch in/out - automatically starts and stops recording
  • Auto Input - allows monitoring the track underneath until punch points
  • Selectable input monitoring
  • Non-linear, non-destructive editing
  • Fader, pan, mute and solo for each track
  • Per-Region volume, fade in/out
  • Vertical dragging of Regions between tracks
  • Realtime monitoring of editing/moving Regions, start/stop/fadein/fadeout/volume, during playback
  • Undo and Redo for track modifications
  • Snap - snaps the timebar to ruler lines (change the zoom to snap to any subdivision)
  • Built-in per track EQ and Compressor
  • Built-in Bus FX include a sweet Reverb and flexible Delay
  • Mastering Section includes built-in EQ and Compressor
  • AudioUnits (AUv3) and Inter-App Audio (IAA) support for effects, generators, and instruments
  • AU/IAA chains of up to 4 units can be added to each track, Main, or 2 Effects Busses
  • Sidechain support for AudioUnits
  • Track Freeze - for reducing CPU
  • Audiobus 3.0 support, with state saving
  • Copy and Paste to and from other apps
  • Metronome - from 40 to 240 bpm
  • Time Signatures - various musical time signatures
  • Audio Browser previews raw audio files
  • 64 bit precision used internally
  • Hand optimized in assembly for ARM NEON for best possible performance
  • iPad native support for any screen size
  • Files browser and Music Library import
  • Wav, flac, alac, aac, ogg, and mp3 compression for export of audio files
  • Export tracks as Stems to a folder, or a multi-channel wav file
audiobus compatibility